Lori has worked with me over the last few months.  Her goals were to feel better, lose bodyfat and to be and appear stronger.  She’s more than accomplished these goals.  She has now set new goals and has decided to take herself to the next level.  It’s a privilege to know Lori.  She is incredibly optimistic and will turn any challenging situation into a positive.  If you have any doubt about what you can accomplish, just look at Lori.  She will inspire you.


I consider my time with you a success but do you think others would? I only lost 5 lbs and it took me 4 months to do it! As I thought about all the things I have learned and how good I feel, I thought of course I am a success story. If I learned anything from you it was that numbers aren't the whole story.

So… I got rid of my scale, I have no idea what my weight is now. I go by how I feel. I food journal everyday and continue to eat a lot more and more often. I now eat nutrient dense food and I drink lots of water. My exercise routine is still 4-5 times a week but now I mix it up. I no longer run. Instead, I participate in boot camp and yoga...fun stuff. My clothes are fitting great and I would even say loose. My skin has never been clearer. My sleep has never been better! I really just feel better and I can tell after an "off eating day", I feel icky.

I will continue to follow the New U way of living and maybe I will hit my goal weight?

Thanks for all your guidance and encouragement!

-Becky Smith

I’m approaching my 50th birthday. As many women state when they reach that part of life, I was gaining weight in my mid-section, I felt tired, and I felt frumpy. I was continually trying to fool myself that it wasn’t as bad as I was making it out to be. I’d half-heartedly try to diet and I was exercising a ton until I hurt my back, but no significant weight came off of me. I reached desperation when I saw a picture posted of me on facebook that made me look like I was six months pregnant.

My friend, Regina, had already been working with Hallie and she suggested I call her. When I told my husband about it, his comment was, “you can’t lose weight with a phone call.” And, while he is correct about that, his statement was just enough challenge for me. I contacted Hallie and started her program. It was easy, delicious and exciting because I could literally feel by body changing daily. She gave me great recipes and tons of support. After six weeks, I lost 10 pounds of body fat. My body fat percentage went from obsese to normal. My metabolic age dropped from 50 to 38. I lost 10 pounds of blubber and twelve years of aging. I feel terrific.

-Lynn B.

WOW- I had no idea I lost 15.5 pound in 8 weeks.  That’s great for 8 weeks- and really motivating to keep going.  My goal is to get to 140 over the next 6 weeks so, a slower loss of 1 pound a week.  So far, so good this week - I am journaling and I am staying on track.  I will keep you posted on my progress. :) Thanks again for working with me on this program.  It is the first thing in years that has been successful for me! I will definitely recommend it to my friends who are struggling with these same issues!

Follow up from Anne six weeks later.

Things are going well.  I've continued to stay on track and I am now down to about 142.  I am still making consistent progress. I'm not as strict with myself but I keep things in check.  I’m doing a sprint triathalon this weekend and am nervously looking forward to that! I think having someone look at the "whole self" was huge for me. I had no idea how sleep deprived I was and how significant that was.  Taking the vitamins and supplements regularly has made a significant impact as well.  Thanks to you!

-Anne Nahn

Over the years, I did not want to pay attention to my food intake. I knew I was gaining weight but “it was OK, I will start a diet next week, next month…”. I wanted a quick fix and could not stay motivated with all these diets which had a long list of “no-no’s” and the number on the scale kept on going up. So when I reached the 200 lbs dreaded cap, the alarm went off. And when in March I could not fit in the suit I had purchased last November, it was time to take control. This is when I signed up with NewU. And I did/do not regret it. I did not feel like I was on a diet, but on a journey to re-learn how to look at food and eat. The combination of education, personalized tools and follow-ups translates into a real transformation. You can be accountable without feeling the guilt. Instead I learned to manage my daily and weekly food intake. It was OK to have pizza; I just enjoy my big bowl of salad before my first slice. It was OK to have my steak; I now finish my side of vegetable first. The program is constructive and leads to a total lifestyle change. At the end, it was not even the numbers (though I did lose nearly 20lbs, while gaining more muscle mass and reduced my BMI by 5 points), I am down a pant size, my belt is 2 holes further than it used to be, and more importantly I feel more energized, empowered.


I was rushing out the door tonight from the office, getting everything ready for vacation when I realized I forgot to send you my food journals.  Anyways, there's really no point, as it is all the same.  As you said in your last email to me...the lifestyle becomes a habit.  I could almost mirror the week before in my journals.  I don't think I need to do them anymore.  Plus, I have my Fitbit to keep me accountable.  I am 8 pounds away from the weight I was 15 years ago.  That's the measure on your scale that I want to impress...more than weight, my fitness age.

I'll be back in the office after Labor Day.  Have a very happy holiday.  Do keep sending me some tips.

Oh!  Took 2nd place at our Pacific Cycle wellness challenge.  Weight is taking longer to go, but it is a marathon, not a sprint.  Most importantly, Hallie, because you are the signature ship of your own beliefs, you live your lifestyle and are a shining example of it.  I intend to follow suit, but I have a long, long way to go to get there however the journey is fun.

My husband and I are leaving tomorrow first thing in our RV with our 2 dogs to Canada - that's if they let Scots over the border!  :)

-Sheena Priester

I FINALLY got my health risk assessment, and my cholesterol was 172!!   WOOHOO! That's lower than when I was in college. :)  I got a score of 100, out of 100, which is the highest I've had since I started having to test. I've been sticking to my decreased wine intake and will not go back to drinking coffee. Thanks for your help!

-Delores Lease